5 must-know interior design tips for your practice

13 Mar 2017 8:00 AM

Let’s face it – attending a clinical environment can be scary for patients. They may be in pain, suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety, and eager to know that they’re putting their health in the right hands.

The interior design of your practice must accomplish two things. First, it needs to build trust by visually communicating to your patients that your practice is a professional, highly competent organisation.

Second, the interior design of your practice must put patients at ease by making them feel comfortable and cared for while not undermining the professional aesthetic.

Getting the interior design of your practice right requires a delicate balance between the coldly professional and invitingly warm. Go too far in either direction and you’ll confuse your message – and your patients.

Here are our five top tips to help you get that balance right:


1. Minimalism is key

Clutter is the enemy of professionalism. Rather, using clean contemporary lines will create an immediate sense of professionalism when your patients enter your practice. That means opting for sleek reception desks, low-line furniture that’s made to fit your space, and plentiful built-in storage to keep clutter out of sight.


2. Maximise natural light

Ensure your minimalist interior design doesn’t feel cold and clinical by maximising natural light. Do this through the use of large windows, and consider window tinting to stop glare while not blocking light in favour of heavy curtains or blinds.


3. Introduce textures

Using natural textures such as timber and stone is another way to add warmth to a minimalist design. However, restrict natural textures to accent pieces only – such as on segments of your reception desk, as part of your built-in furniture, or on sections of your flooring. Introducing indoor plants will have a similar effect.


4. Go easy on the colour

Try to stick to a single colour palette for your interior design. Using contrasting colours will create more of an eclectic vibe, which will undermine your professional feel. And use your brand colours in your interior design to establish a feeling of consistency.


5. Don’t forget the other senses

Interior design is more than visual. Too many practices leave daytime TV blaring in the corner, which again undermines the professional feel of your practice. Opt instead for calming music, and use subtle natural scents such as lavender to keep your patients feeling at ease.


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