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5 must-see design trends for Vet Practices

23 May 2016 7:58 AM

Just like in any business, your veterinary practice must keep pace with the latest design trends to compete with nearby vets and other pet-service companies such as grooming parlours and rehabilitation facilities.

However, design trends are not just about keeping your practice looking pretty. From hydrotherapy areas to multi-purpose group spaces, they also offer the opportunity to add lucrative new revenue streams to your practice.

Here are five must-see design trends that will bring your veterinary practice up to speed…


1. Hydrotherapy areas

Hydrotherapy is all the rage at the moment with underwater treadmills for dogs playing a central role in helping to shorten recovery times from surgery and car accidents, as well as easing arthritis in older animals.

However, hydrotherapy areas require some important design elements in order to protect the health and safety of your staff and clients. Non-slip surfaces are a good idea to minimise accidents, and hydrotherapy areas should be located close to grooming rooms or drying stations so wet dogs are not led through other areas of your practice.


2. Private grooming rooms

Many veterinary clinics are moving away from grooming galleries in favour of private grooming rooms that help to minimise contamination and compete with the rising trend of five-star boutique grooming companies.

You’ll want to include facilities for shampooing and conditioning, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and full body clipping and styling in professionally designed private grooming rooms that make the job quick and easy for groomer and groomee.


3. Shrinking reception desks

The days of the over-sized reception desk are numbered. Leading veterinary clinics are saving space and breaking down barriers between client and vet with smaller reception desks that are less imposing.

A smaller reception desk also gives you more room in reception areas to accommodate waiting clients and their pets in greater comfort, and allow clients to sit with receptionists to settle their account without disturbing clients trying to check in.


4. Multi-purpose group spaces

Adding a multi-purpose space to your veterinary facility can help you add lucrative new revenue streams to diversify your practice.

For example, a multi-purpose group space can be designed to accommodate puppy obedience classes, rehabilitation sessions, employee training and seminars your clients can attend to learn about a range of issues from pet nutrition to how to care for an aging pet.


5. Recovery rooms

Undergoing major surgery can be traumatic for pet and owner. That’s why some veterinary practices are putting in recovery rooms where patients can heal in peace and comfort.

Private recovery rooms may also be designed to allow visits from owners, which will comfort the pet and client alike.


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