5 ways to make the most of your indoor plants

13 Jun 2017 9:03 AM - Guest post by Aileen from Daisy Chain Florist

We all know that plants create oxygen, clean the air of pollutants, and make your practice look pretty. But research shows that plants also reduce stress levels, which will help put your more anxious patients at ease and improve the morale of your staff.


However, before you deck your practice out with beautiful blooms, you need to decide which plants are right for your office and understand how to care for them to achieve the best results.

1. Choose low-maintenance plants

Peace lily, mother in laws tongue, anthuriums and bromeliads are all easy-care plans that are slow growing and don’t drop lots of leaves and flowers, which makes them all great low-maintenance options for your practice.  And the peace lily will even let you know when you have forgotten to water it — its leaves go droopy, and when you give it cup of water, it bounces back to being fabulous.


2. Assign one person to care for your plants

You’ll need to water your plants once a week. Make it one person’s job, otherwise you’ll have six people drowning the poor plant. And put a reminder in your diary to give the plant a little flower food once a month. Personally, I like Seasol – it’s a liquid fertiliser that’s quick and easy to administer.


3. Dust your plants for best results

Plants ‘breathe’ through their leaves and will perform better if they are not clogged up with dust. When it rains, put the plants outside or on a balcony to let the rain clean dusty leaves for you. Rainwater is free of chlorine and fluoride, which is not good for plants. But if it has been a while between rain showers, just wipe over the leaves with a damp cloth to clean the dust off.


4. The power is in the pot

Add some ‘wow’ factor to your interior design with the use of large, decorative pots. Make the pots impressive to help decorate your practice, and if you don’t have the space to accommodate large pots, hanging your plants is great space saver. Wall-hung vertical gardens are also an excellent way to bring some much needed greenery into a practice with limited space, or use funky plant stands to create a feature piece in your reception area.


5. Integrate plants into your interior design

Plants aren’t just a pretty addition to your practice – they can also be very useful for your interior design. Use indoor plants as room dividers, or to help direct the traffic flow throughout your reception area. And remember, you don’t need a room full of plants to create an impact – a few small ones will make a big difference.


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