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5 ways to makeover your veterinary practice for profit

18 Jul 2016 8:45 AM - Veterinary

Let’s face it – business these days is tough. You’re facing increasing customer expectations, rising operational costs, staff recruitment and retention challenges, and more competition from the latest new kid on the block.

That’s why you need to do all you can to maximise the efficiency of your vet practice while reducing costs and adding lucrative new revenue streams to your business.

The good news is that you can achieve all this and more with a few smart design tweaks to your practice. Here are five ways you can makeover your veterinary practice to boost your profits…


1. Redesign your floor plan

Productivity is the buzzword of choice for all businesses seeking to improve efficiencies and increase their profits. Redesigning the floor plan of your veterinary practice to improve workflows for your staff with open-plan treatment rooms, well-equipped workstations and storage spaces that are incorporated into exam rooms and surgical areas will help your team become more efficient. And that ultimately means you’ll treat more patients in a day with a significant boost to your bottom line.


2. Choose energy efficient design

Energy bills are a major expense for veterinary practices, but some smart energy-efficient design updates to your premises can significantly reduce the money you’re paying out. Reshuffling your floor plan to take better advantage of natural light and ventilation is a great start, and replacing external windows with tinted or low-e glass will assist with natural temperature control without blocking light like blinds or curtains. And switching to LED lighting will also shave hundreds off of your energy bills.


3. Rethink your waiting room

Your waiting room could be eating into your profits. Nobody likes spending time in crowded, noisy waiting rooms where sick pets may clash as owners’ stress levels rise. So why not get rid of your waiting room altogether? Convert the space instead into private exam rooms where owners and their pets can wait in peace, and consider putting in a pet-free breakout room where owners and their kids can be entertained while an exam or procedure is taking place.


4. Attract group appointments

Add another revenue stream to your veterinary practice with a dedicated space to host group appointments. These could be anything from puppy obedience and pet grooming classes to lecture-style nutrition workshops with built-in audio-visual equipment, or rehabilitation sessions where pet owners can learn new techniques and share experiences in a supportive social setting.


5. Embrace new treatment technologies

New treatment technologies such as hydrotherapy are helping vets improve patient outcomes – and can deliver a new revenue stream to your practice. Designing dedicated hydrotherapy treatment spaces with non-slip surfaces, underwater treadmills and dry-off areas will take your veterinary practice to the next level and provide a new set of services you can take to your market.

Investing in your veterinary practice doesn’t just make sense – it makes money. With the right design tweaks, you can increase productivity, reduce expenses, improve your customer experience and add new revenue streams to your business.


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