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7 technologies that will transform your practice

22 Jun 2017 10:30 AM

Nobody likes a long stay in a cramped and boring waiting room. But a few high-tech tools can transform a frustrating wait into some valued me-time for your clients.


Here are seven technologies you can use in your reception area to make the time fly…

1. Face time

Forget checking your clients in manually when they enter your practice. With face recognition technology, a camera automatically scans their face when they enter your reception area and pre-loads their patient file into your system. That means you can say goodbye to lines at your reception desk, and hello to more relaxed clients.


2. The tablet touch

Nobody likes filling out paperwork. So replace your pens with touch-screen tablets that your clients can use to provide any information you need. And integrate this with your practice management software to upload the digital information directly into the patient’s file with no manual data entry required.


3. WiFi for all

With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and laptops, providing a free WiFi connection for your waiting clients is a must these days. Throw away the out-of-date magazines, and let your clients access online content of their choice via their personal devices.


4. It’s in the game

Bored children can crate havoc in your reception area. Create a gaming station in one corner to keep them occupied – and quiet. All you need is a gaming console and monitor, but be sure to keep the games you choose G-rated and either keep the system on mute or provide some wireless headphones.


5. Personal viewing

Make your reception area feel like a first-class experience with armchairs equipped with personal tablets. Include wireless headphones and spring for a streaming service like Netflix to give your patients viewing choices. Music streaming app Spotify is another great choice for the music lovers.


6. Getting to know you

Use a wall-mounted flat screen to display doctor bios or other special messages that will bring a human touch to your practice. Patients like to feel that they are not being treated by a stranger, so multi-media presentations that feature lots of bright photos will help them to get to know their doctor before they set foot in the examination room.


7. Charge!

With all these battery-hungry devices on the go, your patients will go gaga for a charging station. Offer charging pods for the most popular smartphone models – such as iPhones – and provide USB sockets that your clients can use to plug in their own charging cables.


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