A Pet for your Veterinary Clinic

19 Feb 2017 8:50 AM

As an experienced veterinarian, chances are you don’t need to be convinced about the power of animal therapy.


Whether you choose to have a practice pet onsite most of the time, or allow your employees to bring their pets to work on a rotating schedule, allowing pets in your vet clinic offers benefits to your employees and clients alike.


Here are five benefits of having a pet in your practice:

1. Reduce stress

Several studies have shown that brining your pet to work significantly reduces stress. Stress-free employees are happy employees, and happy employees are the most productive.


2. Improve team bonding

Pets help to create social connections and offer your team members more opportunities to bond. For example, after meeting each other’s pets, employees may choose to conduct ‘play dates’ with their pets outside of work, which will often cement friendships.


3. Calm nervous patients

A practice pet that is comfortable and relaxed in the clinical environment of your practice can have a calming affect on your clients and their pets. For example, allowing a practice dog to greet clients in the reception area can be a good distraction for nervous patients.


4. Encourage healthy employees

If you choose a dog as your practice pet, it will need to be walked frequently. Implement a rotating schedule for your staff to walk the dog – this will not only give them some more break time, but also encourage exercise.


5. Promote pet adoptions

You may choose to make your practice pet available for adoption to your clients. This will not only promote the idea of adopting rescue pets, but also give your practice the ongoing ability to rehome animals in need.


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