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Aesthetics: Choosing the design features that suit your practice’s culture

15 Sep 2016 7:11 AM

Whether you want to create a professional and productive practice, focus on fostering creative thinking and innovation, or want to keep the mood fun and friendly, the interior design of your practice can help to guide your company culture.


Follow these design tips to create the kind of practice you want:

Professional and productive

Creating a productive workplace is all about establishing efficient workflow. That largely comes down to the floor plan design of your practice, but there are some aesthetic touches you can make to establish a professional look and feel.

Built-in cabinetry and organised storage systems where everything has its place will help you maintain a minimalist aesthetic, and keep workspaces clear to boost productivity. Likewise, the use of built-in technology charging stations for staff will stop cable jungles popping up around your power points.

Also maximise natural light with skylights and incorporate some indoor plants to keep the mood positive and energy levels high. And luxurious touches such as premium carpeting and high-end office furniture will also help to create a professional aesthetic.

Colour tip:Go easy on the bright colours. Black and white will give your practice a more formal, professional feel – and consider introducing subtle splashes of blue for its calming properties.


Innovative and creative

If you want your team to realise their innovative potential, then you need to provide a working environment that fosters creative thinking.

Brainstorming is central to that process, so focus on decking your meeting room out with smart white boards, projectors and flat screens to get your team collaborating effectively.

It also pays to give your staff a more informal space where they can share thoughts and ideas in a more casual setting. That means don’t neglect your staff room. Think of it more like a living room and use couches, armchairs and soft textiles to create a space where your staff will want to hang out and chat, rather than just grab a cup of coffee and run.

Colour tip: Green is a great choice for encouraging creative thinking. It’s said to have a calming effect and limit stress, which keeps the mind open and your creative juices flowing.


Fun and friendly

Creating an up-beat workplace that’s fun and friendly will help ensure your staff morale stays sky high, which means increased productivity and customer service with a smile.

Adorning your practice with colourful artwork is a great start, and giving your staff members the opportunity to customise their personal work zones with family photos and valued possessions will give your practice a more homely feel.

Also consider adding colourful garden beds to any outdoor spaces like courtyards or balconies you can provide for staff use – or even the addition of fresh-cut flowers to your reception and staff areas will lighten the mood. Colour tip:Yellow is thought to communicate happiness and foster friendliness. But don’t go overboard. Use it as an accent colour rather than painting entire walls in yellow.


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