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Are You Failing To Meet These 3 Crucial Expectations?

4 Apr 2014 10:56 AM

If you own or operate a practice or clinic, you would know that there are certain expectations of the service you provide – no matter if you’re aware of them or not, or interested in them or not.

To run a highly successful business, you need to not only meet but also exceed these expectations.

If you are a provider of what is considered ‘average’, you will attract average results. But if you are a provider of what is considered ‘above average’, you will attract above average results.

Here are three big areas to focus on if exceeding expectations is important to you and your business.

EXPECTATION #1 – Patient Expectations

Do you feel that you are you treating your patients with the service experience that they expect?

Now, ask yourself this: “Do my patients feel that I am treating them with the service experience they expect?”

When you own or operate a business, it can be an easy trap to fall into, thinking that you are your own customer – you’re not. You may believe that you already know what your patients are thinking and feeling (and what they want), but their experience is often completely different to what you think.

Your senior patients may prefer a phone call to remind them of appointments rather than a brief text message, whereas younger patients most likely won’t answer the phone. This is because they are too busy or don’t recognise the number, and often prefer to converse in text messages or emails.

Modern business coaching tells us that we all need automated systems and processes in order to reduce the likelihood of human error.

Is it possible to create processes that cater for all your patients’ age groups, so everyone gets the service that they expect? Or do you train your patients to enjoy the service that you CAN provide, efficiently? This way, everyone’s expectations are met.


EXPECTATION #2 – Technological Expectations

Is your business taking advantage of the many benefits of modern information technology, with an efficiently re-designed practice to match?

Or is your practice still bogged down with structures built to support masses of lever arch folders on shelves, which are now empty for lack of use now that everything is stored electronically?

Or worse yet, do you still have that old ‘piling’ system in place?!

The most efficient way to operate a medical practice is to have everything streamlined on internal computer software systems – even Medicare has caught up with their Medicare Easyclaim system for health professionals.

If your patients don’t see a modern, efficient practice when they walk through your door, they may start to cast doubt on other areas of your service. They may ask themselves: “If my doctor is not up to date with technology – is their knowledge up to date to provide me with the best, evidenced based care?” Is it time for your practice to step up?


EXPECTATION #3 – Construction Expectations

The challenges that business owners and operators can face by being their own project manager during construction works are numerous.

If you decide to be your own project manager, the expectations between yourself and the numerous contractors will vary, as you will end up having the same conversations with each contractor, trying to get them on board with what you want. They will then need to pass the details onto their sub-contractors, and just like Chinese whispers; on it goes, with the end result differing from the original plans. For this reason, you need to be 100% clear on all implied and spoken expectations between yourself and your team of contractors.

Alternately, you can delegate the project management to an experienced, reputable company, so you only need to communicate with one person for all your needs. A project manager has specialised management skills – skills that means they will fully understand all the expectations of their client and can communicate this effectively to their team, meaning that all of the tasks are carried out smoothly and correctly. Find out more on our project management page