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Choosing the perfect finishes

25 May 2017 1:00 PM

You’ve invested in a quality fitout for your practice, but choosing the wrong finishes can derail your plans to create an interior design that will delight your patients.

Here are some tips to ensure you complete your fitout with the right finishing touches:


Floor coverings can be a tricky choice for healthcare practices. While carpet is the most luxurious option and will keep noise down, it is also the most difficult to clean and will likely show wear the fastest – which tends to make it the most impractical choice.

However, if you can’t so no to carpet, go for dark patterns that will hide stains and hardy industrial options that will hold up to high-traffic areas. You’ll also want to consider slip resistance, and opt for a smooth, crack-free surface to avoid germ and bacteria build up.



The wall coverings in your practice provide an opportunity to add some flair to the design, but don’t go too far. For starters, resist the urge to adorn your walls with instructional posters – this will only cheapen your brand.

Rather, choose paint colours that reflect your brand, hang art that will add a contemporary high-end feel to your reception area, and even think about adding features such as patterned wallpaper, reclaimed timber wall accents or sleek wall panels to add texture to your interior design. But remember, less is more.


Windows are often overlooked as a design feature in healthcare practices, but the right choice of window finishes can add wow factor, increase patient comfort, and reduce your energy bills.

Make sure you do any necessary landscaping in outdoor areas that are visible from the windows in your practice. Then consider fitting out your windows with translucent shades that will stop glare while not limiting natural light. This will help to reduce the interior lighting you’ll need in your reception area, and plentiful natural light will boost the mood of your patients and staff.



Lighting in exam rooms must be functional, however your reception area provides an opportunity to get creative with your lighting design.

As above, make the most of natural light, and keep artificial light dim to help calm your patients. Also consider using light as a design feature. For example, use wall-mounted spotlight lamps to illuminate your artwork, consider back lighting your logo to draw focus to it, or add lighting features to your reception desk to set your practice apart.


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