Confused with the Council Approval terminology?

17 Sep 2014 10:42 AM

Are you getting confused with all the council approval terminology?


Here are some helpful terminologies we use on a daily basis which will help you understand the Council Approval Process:

Development Application (DA): is a request for permission to carry out proposed developments. A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is suitable if you are not changing the use of the building. If you are changing the use of the building you need a DA.

Construction Certificate (CC): must be obtained before commencing any building and construction work. The certificate assures that the detailed plans & specifications comply with the Building Code of Australia and associated standards or codes, and that your proposal is consistent with your Development Consent.

Development Control Plan (DCP): is a document that contains guidelines for development. These guidelines are taken into account when the Council determines an application. The DCP may be inspected and/or purchased at Council’s Customer Service Centre, or is available for viewing via Council’s web site

Cost Report: a detailed quotation or budget must be submitted with the application.

Exempt development’ and ‘Complying Development’: A complying Development or exempt development is suitable if you are not changing the use of the building.

Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE): A SEE is a report outlining the likely impacts of your development application that can’t be shown on your plans, and what measures you will take to reduce these impacts.

Fire Safety Schedule: contains information regarding firefighting equipment and warning systems within the building

Waste management plan: outlines how you will dispose of waste for when you are operating out of the building


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