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Council Rejection: What Should You Do?

31 Oct 2014 10:42 AM

You were so excited to have found the perfect location for your new practice!

You went through the lengthy, tedious process of your Development Application (DA), before finally submitting your DA to the council. Then, you patiently tracked your DA, only to be informed that the council had just rejected your plans!

How could they?! You certainly didn’t expect that. Getting a council rejection can leave you wanting to scream from the rooftops in utter frustration. However, all is not lost.


What To Do Next

The council will always give you a reason, or list of reasons, why your DA has been rejected. Based on our experience at Cassin & Sons, the three main reasons for a rejection usually are:

1. Mobility access issues

2. Parking availability

3. Zoning (buildings zoned for different usage)

The first step after receiving a rejection notification is to review the list of reasons why the application was rejected, and consider what, if any, can be solved. You can appeal against a rejection, providing solutions to the issues noted, for example:

1.      Mobility Access: Redesign your facilities and provide reasonable adjustments to allow access.

2.      Parking: Council may request that you provide sufficient offsite parking availability for staff. This means you’ll likely need to pay rent for car space.

3.      Zoning: The council may be able to change the zones, but you will need to argue the case.

If you come across any issues that cannot be solved with the existing location, unfortunately (as heart breaking as this will be for you), the only option is to start from scratch and find another property. A minor positive in this situation is the council will refund a portion of fees paid.


Ask the Professionals next time…

Cassin & Sons provide a Site Assessment service, which can save you a great deal of stress, time and hassles prior to your next DA submission. One of our expert team members can visit your site and assess the location for any potential issues you may face.