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Council requirements for your healthcare practice

27 Jun 2017 9:45 AM

Every council has its own set of requirements that applies to business premises – including healthcare practices – so it’s vital that you contact your council to ensure your practice is in compliance.


But here are some common council requirements to get you started…

Fire safety

Most councils require you to meet specific fire safety guidelines to keep your clients and employees safe in the event of an emergency. Common fire safety measures that many councils demand include things like exit signs, portable fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms, and some councils require that the building owner submit annual fire safety statements. And it’s a good idea to have evacuation plans prominently displayed.


Air and water

Some councils require you to register your air and water handling systems – such as hot water, evaporative cooling and ventilation systems. This is usually the responsibility of the building owner, but you should also note that, in some cases, these systems must be installed and maintained in line with strict council guidelines.


Footpath activity

Some councils can be a little prickly about footpath signage and you may require council approval if you want to place an A-frame or similar sign on the footpath outside your practice. You may also need to lodge an application with your council for permission to conduct any outdoor promotional activities you might have planned, like handing out marketing material to passers-by.


Waste management

Most councils have strict waste management regulations that apply to all commercial premises including healthcare practices. These may include things like keeping your waste storage areas neat and tidy, locating your waste collection areas in places that will limit noise, and properly disposing of hazardous liquids and other waste.


Signage and advertising

Outdoor signage and advertising around the exterior of your practice is usually regulated and controlled by your local council. That means you’ll likely need council permission before hanging any exterior signs or other advertising material outside your practice.



All your clients and employees must obey council parking regulations in your area. If you don’t offer private customer parking, it’s a good idea provide instructions to your client for where they can legally park, and any council parking regulations – like time limits or loading zones – that they should be aware of.


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