Deciding when it’s time to hire additional staff for your practice

25 Nov 2016 7:29 AM

Making the decision to hire additional staff for your practice can be clouded with confusion. On one hand, bringing in new team members can help to sustain or spark growth in your practice. But on the other hand, new hires will take a significant bite out of your budget that you may not be sure is worth it.


Ask yourself these four questions to help you decide if now is the right time to hire more employees…

What are your forecasts?

Knowing when it’s the right time to hire and when it’s not is essentially a numbers game. Your first step should be to take a good long look at your profit forecasts for the next 12 months. Is your practice in a growth phase, is it in a plateau, or is it in decline? If you’re in a growth phase, you’ll likely need to hire additional staff to support that growth. If you’re in a plateau, focus on which areas of your practice could benefit from a new hire to spark growth. And if you’re in decline, carefully consider your budget before hiring – a freelance or temporary contract for a trial period may be your best bet.  


Is your customer service suffering?

Is your waiting room bursting at the seams? Are you running increasingly late on appointments? Is the checkout process a chaotic mess? Those are strong signs that your practice may be under resourced. Hiring more reception and administration staff will help to ensure your customer service standards don’t slip as your practice grows.


Is your employee moral low?

Low employee morale is a classic symptom of over work. High staff turnover rates are usually a good indication that you may have an employee morale problem, or run an anonymous employee survey to assess how your people are feeling. Hiring a practice assistant or some additional medical staff will help to ease the burden on your existing employees and likely increase staff morale – and productivity.


What is your role?

Running a practice is a tough job that requires long hours. However, if you find that your time is being eaten up by low-value tasks, it may pay to bring in some external help. Hiring a part-time bookkeeper, for example, will take a tedious admin burden off of your shoulders so you can focus more time on patient care and more high-value elements of practice management that will generate more money in the long run.


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