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Design masterclass: The psychology of colour

1 Dec 2015 8:45 AM

Whether you’re pretty in pink or singing the blues, colour has long been associated with influencing our moods, emotions and behaviours. The colours you choose for your practice can also have an impact on how your clients experience your business, and even help to improve the performance of your staff.

Here are four ways you can use colour to your advantage.

1. Improve client moods

Colours can be generally divided into two main categories – warm and cool. Oranges, reds and yellows are warm; blues, greens and purples are cool. When selecting a colour palette for your practice, consider how you want to make your clients feel. Warm colours can create a sense of comfort and cosiness, while cool colours tend to have a more meditative quality that increases peacefulness and wellbeing. 


2. Create a new calm

Keeping your clients and staff calm is a key priority for every practice. Pink is thought to have a significant calming effect on people, so using pink in meeting rooms where you may have to deliver bad news can help ease the process for everyone. If you can’t quite bring yourself to splash out on pink, consider purple instead. It also has a calming effect and has been linked to boosting sophistication.    


 3. Build a sense of security

There’s little doubt that making your clients feel safe and secure is high on your priority list. The right colours can help you with this too. Neutral colours such as brown, beige, and even grey can leave your clients feeling more at ease. These colours are widely found in nature and can promote a sense of connectedness that many people find comforting. You can also increase the effect by using natural textures such as timber or stone.


4. Boost your productivity

The colours you choose for your practice are not just about your clients – they can also help to boost the productivity of your staff. For example, green has been linked with creative thinking, so bringing some green into your employee areas may help to boost the brainpower on your team. However, beware of red in work zones – it has been shown to decrease analytical thinking.


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