How to choose a reception desk design for your practice

4 May 2017 11:20 AM

Reception desks play a dual role in your medical, healthcare, dental or veterinary practice. First, your reception desk is a functional space for your admin team and must be designed to maximise the efficiency of every-day tasks.

Second, your reception desk is a major design feature of your waiting room and offers an opportunity to create a strong first impression with your clients and reinforce your brand values.

It’s important to consider the size, shape and layout of your reception area when selecting the best reception desk design to suit your space. For example, opting for a large U-shaped desk in a small waiting area may restrict space for patient seating, whereas choosing a straight-line desk will maximise space in a narrow reception area.

Consider these five reception desk layouts when fitting out your reception area:


1. U-shaped reception desks

U-shaped reception desks are a good choice for larger reception areas and offer more space for built-in storage to keep peripheral equipment such as printers out of sight. This will allow you to achieve a sleek, minimalist design that will create a strong sense of professionalism.


2. Corner reception desks

Corner reception desks tend to suit smaller waiting rooms and will maximise the space you can use for patient seating. They are also a good choice if you have only one receptionist on duty at a time.


3. Straight-line reception desks

Straight-line reception desks – like those you find in many hotels – are a good option for narrow waiting rooms. They also suit multiple workstations and are ideal for accommodating more than one receptionist at a time.


4. Circular reception desks

Circular reception desks can be particularly eye-catching for a modern, cutting-edge practice, however you’ll need a large reception area to accommodate one. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an effective way to anchor a large space, a circular desk could be the right option for your practice.


5. Split-height reception desks

Split-height reception desks offer both a standing area for patient check in, and a lower portion where clients can sit to settle their bill. It is a particularly effective design for high traffic practices where you want to provide separate check-in and check-out areas to maximise the efficiency of client traffic flow and prevent frustrating bottlenecks.


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