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Is Demanding Excellence Unreasonable?

6 Jun 2014 10:52 AM

You may think that it’s fair to expect the best from yourself, your suppliers and your team, but is it fair or important to demand excellence?

Firstly, you may have to think about what excellence means to you. At Cassin & Sons, we believe that to excel is to reach beyond your best. Consider:

  • What areas of your life do you demand excellence? 
  • What type of work makes you passionate and feel compelled to create excellence? 


Striving to deliver excellence every day is not easy. It requires you to reach beyond your best and constantly challenge yourself to grow and improve. A good way to do this is to always be on the look out for new ideas, strategies and technologies to improve the service you offer.

Those who are highly successful know that second best is never ‘good enough’ – otherwise you start to see your competitors reaching the finish line first. Don’t let them set the benchmark… be the ever-increasing benchmark in your field.

What About Demanding Excellence From Others?

If you focus on working hard to provide a high level of excellence and expect that everything else will just fall into place, you will continue to run into problems.

Once you have mastered yourself, the challenge then extends to find suppliers and service providers that meet your demand for excellence. Having your expectations aligned with them will result in the very best outcomes for your business and your clients.

To do this, it’s best to clearly define your desired outcome and communicate this with your service provider or supplier.  The results will be spectacular when you are both on the same page and both have the same expectations for your clients.

Will you demand excellence on your next redesign or fitout?


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