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Is it time to rebrand your practice?

13 Dec 2017 6:30 AM

So, you’ve decided to invest in a refurbishment of your practice to set up it for its next stage of success. Is your practice also in need of a rebrand to match your shiny new interiors?


Here’s how to know if it’s time to rebrand your medical, dental, veterinary or radiology practice:

Your demographic has changed

Suburbs change quite rapidly, and what used to be a humble working class neighbourhood may now be trending with young professionals. If your suburb has undergone gentrification in recent years (you can tell by how cool – and expensive – the local cafes and hair salons have become), then it could be time for you to get with the times and come up with a new image. Look at what other businesses in your area are doing for ideas about how to connect with the changing local community.


Your service offering has evolved

Most businesses change with the times. For example, perhaps new technologies mean you now offer a range of services that didn’t exist when you first opened your practice. If your existing brand no longer effectively communicates what your practice has become, then consider updating it so people know what they can expect from you.


New competitors have surfaced

Smart businesses take active measures to differentiate themselves from their competitors. While you can’t control how your competitors brand themselves – unless of course they infringe upon any of your trademarks or other intellectual property – you can control how you present your own practice to the market. If new competitors have launched a similar brand to your own, call their bluff and go to market with a fresh brand that draws attention back to your practice.


You need to increase your prices

Doing business is expensive and the need to raise your prices may be a business reality that you can no longer avoid. Use a rebrand to move your practice from a low- or mid-market position into the higher end of your market, and your clients will likely feel like they are getting more for their dollar than they would if you simply increased prices for exactly the same patient experience.


You need to attract better talent

People want to work for companies they feel are on the rise. If you’re losing staff to your competitors, or struggling to attract the calibre of talent you want, then it could be time for a rebrand. This will be a strong message to your existing staff and to people you’re hoping to recruit that you are investing in the future of your practice and are open to new approaches in favour of tired old business-as-usual thinking.


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