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Sound System: Benefits of music

15 May 2017 7:00 AM

Music has long been used as a therapy tool, and it can have a strong impact on the mood of your patients when played in your practice.

But how do you decide on an appropriate playlist, should you play one playlist throughout your practice or create custom playlists for each exam room, or should you let your patients choose their own tracks?


Here are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting a playlist for your practice:

Music can heal

Playing relaxing music in your reception area can begin the healing process before you even see your patients. Research suggests that relaxing music promotes the release of endorphins and immunoglobulins that assist the healing process. But it’s vital to select music that has a slow and stable tempo – 60 beats per minute is about right. Also keep the volume low and avoid tracks with heavy drum beats or – of course – offensive language.


Mix it up

There’s nothing more annoying than a repetitive playlist. So make sure yours is long enough that it repeats itself no more than twice a day. If your patients hear a short playlist being repeated, their wait time will feel much longer – and constantly repeating the same songs will drive your staff crazy. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you might consider putting together a different playlist for each day of the week.


Crowd pleaser

Try to put your personal taste aside when selecting songs for a playlist. Remember that your patients will likely have widely differing tastes in music, so don’t stick to just one genre. For example, mix ‘golden oldies’ with more contemporary songs and try adding some slow-tempo lounge or soft jazz to create a calming mood.


Customised playlists

Some patients may prefer silence in your waiting room. To cater for these, you might consider giving patients free access to your Wi-Fi network so they can listen to whatever they want on their own devices, or even let them choose from a range of playlists they can listen to once they arrive in the exam room.


Get with the tech

Don’t limit yourself to your CD collection, and don’t drop big bucks buying hundreds of songs through iTunes. Rather, online music streaming services like Spotify give you access to thousands of songs for a low monthly subscription fee. Some even have pre-made playlists that will be suitable for your practice – all you need to do is press play.


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