The 4 must-know trends in Dental practice design

22 Apr 2016 8:16 AM

As technology advances and patient expectations change, your dental practice must keep pace.

The design and interior fit-out of your practice plays a major role in how your business will march into the future.

Use your practice design to surprise and delight your patients with a focus on five-star customer comfort, embrace new technologies in your interior fit-out, build trust with best-practice infection control, and scale your practice to respond to new opportunities and challenges.

Here’s how to make it happen:


1. Patient wellness

Patients’ healthcare expectations have changed since the wellness revolution. Many dental practices are following suit with high-end practice designs that look more like a luxury day spa.

Transitioning from a cold, clinical setting into a warmer, more confortable aesthetic can put your patients at ease and change the way they feel about a visit to the dentist.

This can be achieved with the use of subtle, indirect lighting and calming music; warm interior tones and natural textures; and a hotel-style reception lounge that puts patient comfort first.


2. Integrated technology

As technology continues its march forward, dental practice design must keep pace.

In a clinical setting, this means integrating new technology – like dental imaging equipment – into the design of the room with custom cabinetry to create a more professional fit-out. It could also mean revamping your reception area as administration staff go wireless.

Also consider how new technology could increase patient comfort. Complimentary charging points and a free Wi-Fi connection in your reception lounge, for example, will help keep your patients entertained while they wait.


3. Infection control

Infection control is weighing ever heavier on the minds of patients and clinicians alike, but is often overlooked in the design of dental practices.

Planning larger and more efficient sterilisation areas is important, as are nearby central storage facilities that fast and easy to access.

Also ensure appropriate ventilation systems are installed and select flooring, wall and surface materials that are easy to clean and will sufficiently weather high use and chemical cleaners.


4. Scalability

In today’s volatile economic environment, the most successful businesses are those that can rapidly expand when opportunities emerge and contract when conditions change.

The same is true of dental practices. Thinking about how you could scale your business when designing the layout of your practice is vital.

Creating multi-purpose rooms, flexible floor plans, and effective workflows can help you accommodate more staff and patients without the risk that comes with upgrading to a larger, more expensive premises during your early growth phase.


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