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The 7-step Christmas checklist for your practice

16 Dec 2016 10:06 AM

Christmas is here – and that means a much-needed holiday!


Make the most of your downtime with this seven-step Christmas checklist that will ensure all your loose ends are tied up so you can rest and recharge in peace.

1. Communicate your trading hours

Ensure you’ve let your patients know about any changes to your normal trading hours over the Christmas period. Clear signage displayed in your practice is a good start, however you may also want to consider sending out a Christmas email to keep your clients informed.


2. Set up an emergency line

If you’re planning on having staff on call over the Christmas period, think about setting up an emergency phone line. That will help cut operational costs over the slower Christmas period as your on-call staff will only have to open your practice when needed.


3. Settle your accounts

You don’t want to head off on a Christmas holiday with the niggling stress of overdue invoices playing on your mind. Make sure all your bills are paid before you close your doors for the year – that way you’ll have a much more accurate picture of your financial situation when you return to work in the new year.


4. Clear out your inbox

Set aside a few hours to clear out your email inbox. This will give you an opportunity to respond to any important emails and tie up any loose ends before you leave, and will help clear some much-needed headspace so you can enjoy your break without pangs of worry.


5. Audit your suppliers

The end of year can be a good time to do an audit of your suppliers. Ensure all necessary orders have been made, and look for any expenses you may be able to cut, such as magazine or app subscriptions that you no longer use.


6. Manage your staff leave

No doubt your staff will be jostling for time off over the Christmas period. If you’re planning to keep your practice open over the break, ensure you’ve rostered on sufficient admin and support staff. You may need to stagger their leave periods in order to keep the necessary resources on hand.


7. Schedule your marketing communications

If you run a blog, e-newsletter or social media page, ensure you’ve scheduled posts for automatic publication across the holiday period. Software like Hootsuite makes this simple and will keep your clients busy with some holiday reading while you rest and recharge.


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