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The Importance of Keeping your Staff Happy

5 Feb 2017 7:00 AM

Employee productivity has taken a nosedive in Australia in recent years. Research reveals that 76 per cent of Australian employees are disengaged at work, and that’s costing the Australian economy $54.8 billion per year.

Consider that 65 per cent of all lost customers can be traced back to a disengaged employee, and it’s easy to see why you should be focusing on improving staff engagement in your practice.

At Cassin & Sons, we practice what we preach and have implemented the NSW government’s Get Healthy at Workinitiative that offers a range of resources to help employers improve staff engagement and productivity.

Here’s what you can do to keep your employees happy at work:


Maximise natural light

Plentiful natural light can lift the mood of your employees. While treatment rooms may require specialised lighting, ensure your staff break room or other common areas capture natural light through large windows or put in skylight to brighten up dim rooms.


Assess your ergonomics

While many of your staff may be required to spend much of the day on their feet, it’s vital to ensure all office furniture is ergonomically designed. For example, ensure that all chairs and desks in consultation rooms are adjustable.


Stay warm

Clinical environments don’t need to be cold. Warmer temperatures have been found to increase employee productivity, so don’t be afraid to turn up your thermostat when the weather turns cold.


Breath deep

Poor air quality in office environments significantly contributes to spreading employee illnesses and will increase costly sick days. Consider installing an air filter to purify the air in your practice, and bring in plenty of oxygen-creating indoor plants.


Encourage healthy eating

Employees who skip lunch will often lose productivity in the afternoon. Make a daily platter of fresh fruit available to staff for free, and ensure they have access to plenty of fresh drinking water via a water cooler or built-in tap water filter.


Schedule formal breaks

Your staff will benefit from a few short breaks per day in addition to their lunch hour. Schedule one or two 15-minute ‘bonus breaks’ into your employees’ work calendar, and make sure they take them.


Promote exercise

Encourage your employees to walk or cycle to work by providing bike storage and staff shower facilities. You might also choose to offer free or subsidised memberships to a local gym as part of your employees’ salary packages.


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