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The Most Efficient Reception Desk Design

26 Feb 2017 9:15 AM

The reception area is the pulse of your practice. If everything is running smoothly, patients will flow in and out with little fuss.


However, a poorly operating reception area can create a serious bottleneck that will infuriate your clients, frustrate your employees, and restrict the number of patients you can see in a day.


The design of your reception desk is a key to creating a free-flowing reception area. Here are some vital things you should consider when designing an efficient reception desk:

How many receptionists do you employ?

Each receptionist should have a dedicated workspace at the reception desk. For example, if you roster on three receptionists during peak hours, your reception desk should have three specific berths. In other words, your reception desk should be designed around your requirements at peak times. Don’t fall into the trap of designing a reception desk that only caters for your minimum requirements.


What equipment is required?

Your reception desk design should provide dedicated spaces for the equipment your reception team requires, such as printers and electronic payment terminals. Also consider building in charging stations for laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


How do your employees access the desk?

Staff flow is a vital consideration when designing a reception desk. Consider locating it off a staff room so your reception team doesn’t have to walk through the waiting room to go on breaks or access staff toilets. Also consider whether your medical staff needs access to the reception desk.


Does it fit into the design of your practice?

Your reception desk is not only important as a functional piece – it’s also a central design element and often sets the first impression of your practice. Ensure it compliments the colour scheme of your practice, can display appropriate signage, and features any premium elements that back up your brand such as built-in lighting to illuminate your logo.


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