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Thinking of upgrading your radiology equipment?

8 Aug 2017 4:15 PM - Radiology

It’s no use spending big money on sophisticated new radiology equipment if your practice can’t accommodate the new machinery. That means if you’re thinking about bringing in new radiology equipment, you may need to upgrade your premises in a few key areas.

At Cassins, we have long-standing relationships with radiology equipment suppliers, and know that each machine has certain specifications that must be adhered to in order to ensure it operates correctly and efficiently. We can work with your chosen supplier to upgrade your premises to ensure you get the most out of your new equipment investment.

Here are four things you may need to consider upgrading to accommodate your new radiology equipment:

1. Power upgrades

Power insufficiency can be a big problem for radiology practices – especially when it comes to installing and operating upgraded equipment.

For example, your new equipment may require three-phase power. While it can be expensive to upgrade from single-phase to three-phase power, the lower voltages used for three-phase power are safer and make the machines less expensive to run over the long term.

To upgrade to three-phase power, you may need to install new cables, new energy meters, and make any necessary upgrades to your switchboard.


2. Lead shielding

Lead shielding is a must to protect your technicians from radiation exposure. Cassins can custom build and install lead shielding to meet the specifications of your new radiology equipment.

For example, we can custom make mobile radiation protection barriers you can move between multiple exam and x-ray rooms, or protect your x-ray rooms against radiation leakage with our custom designed and installed lead lined panels and doors.

Our lead (Pb) doors are made with a solid core MDF substrate with timber edges with customisable lead thickness and optional laminated or timber veneer to match your interior design.

We can also use our lead-lined modular interlocking blocks (MIBS) to build flexible bench-top shields that protect your technicians from radiation exposure across a range of applications.


3. Air conditioning

As you upgrade to more sophisticated radiology equipment, you may also need to upgrade your cooling systems.

For example, you may need to control the humidity in an examination room to ensure it never exceeds the temperature stated in the equipment’s specifications. If the room gets too hot, the machinery’s precision instruments may be damaged, which will come with steep replacement costs and equipment downtime.

Consumer-grade air conditioning units are not up to this task. Rather, you may need to install a commercial cooling system, which could also require three-phase power.


4. Radiation assessments

All new radiology equipment comes with different specifications and may omit varying levels of radiation. It’s vital to conduct radiation assessments whenever you install new radiology equipment to ensure your existing lead shielding is up to the job and no radiation leaks are occurring.

As above, Cassins can custom build and install lead-lined panels and doorsmobile lead barriers, and flexible bench-top shields that will provide the appropriate level of protection required for your new radiology equipment.


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