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Understanding the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines

26 Mar 2017 10:15 AM

The Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) have been put in place as a vital resource to assist you in the designing, planning and implementation of your new healthcare facility.


The guidelines aim to ensure the design and fitout of healthcare facilities meet Australian standards, and are split into six sections.


Here’s a quick guide to understanding their key points:

Part A: Introduction and Instructions for Use

The introductory section outlines the background of the AusHFG, their purpose, intended use and structure. The AusHFG “seek to support the delivery of optimal patient care” through best-practice design of healthcare facilities and are intended to “inform the planning and construction of new health facilities.”


Part B: Health Facility Briefing and Planning

This section provides information to help you plan your facility and develop a brief for your contractors. It covers the industry standards and codes your facility must meet, along with a range of operational issues and design principles you’ll need to consider when planning your facility.


Part C: Design for Access, Mobility, OHS and Security

Part C includes information that will help you develop your plan further. It details space standards and dimensions you’ll need to consider when designing your floor plan, along with issues you’ll need to tackle around providing appropriate access to your facility and eliminating occupational health and safety hazards.


Part D: Infection Prevention Control

This section sets out guidelines to ensure the design of your healthcare facility meets infection prevention and control standards.  It provides important advice about designing approaches to hand basins and isolation rooms, air handling, and surfaces and finishes that minimise the risk of spreading infection.


Part E: Building Services and Environmental Design

Part E relates to more specialised healthcare facilities that may require hydraulic systems and more complicated electrical network designs required to power sophisticated medical equipment.


Part F: Project Implementation

This section provides advice about furniture, fittings and equipment to be used in your healthcare facility, and sets out guidelines for the process of commissioning a facility. This includes considerations about the management of time, costs, supplies, and equipment. It also covers the management of people, systems and organisations to ensure that your facility is utilised effectively while maintaining patient, staff and visitor safety.


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