What is Project Management?

12 Feb 2017 8:00 AM

Project management is a set of processes and techniques used to ensure a specific project is implemented on time, on budget and aligned to achieving company goals.

Many practices choose to use external project managers to assume responsibility for large projects – such as a practice renovation – and thus take the burden of project management off of the shoulders of practice employees.

At Cassin & Sons, we provide company-employed project managers as part of our renovation and fit-out services. This means that practice employees are left free to carry on with their usual work, and often allows the practice to stay open during a construction project.

Here’s how the project management process works:


Step one: Design

Your project manager will be involved from the initial conception of the project. They’ll be charged with coordinating any designers, architects or engineers that will be required in the initial design phase, as well as reviewing the design against set business objectives.


Step two: Plan

Once your project manager has obtained design approval from all stakeholders, they’ll play an instrumental role in the planning of the project. This will usually include putting together a set of project milestones that are closely tied to the budget and required completion timeline of the project.


Step three: Implement

Your project manager will need to carefully schedule all the tradespeople that will work on your project, as well as ensuring all materials and resources are available when required.


Step four: Manage

Your project manager should be visiting the site reguarly. They’ll be there to supervise the tradespeople to ensure all work is being completed on schedule and to set quality standards. They’ll also be there to address any client concerns or questions.


Step five: Complete

Your project manager will take you through a final inspection of the project on completion. They’ll also be able to address any issues that may arise from your final inspection and work to resolve them before final sign off.


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