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Why a site assessment is vital for your new practice

24 Oct 2017 9:11 AM

Setting up your new practice in your home neighbourhood may save you a commute, but is it the best business option? Selecting the right site for your practice is vital for your long-term success and shouldn’t be rushed into.


That’s why before you sign the contract on a new commercial property, you should call in Cassin & Sons to conduct a thorough site assessment.


Here are six important questions a site assessment will help you answer:

1.  What are the future growth plans of the area?

Ideally, you want to set up your practice in a growing area. A site assessment will help you identify planned infrastructure projects in the area – such as road works, public transport networks, new hospitals and commercial and residential construction projects – that are strong signals the neighbourhood is set for future growth.


2. Is there access to the site for equipment?

If you need to install, maintain and replace large equipment such as radiology units and dentist chairs, you’ll need to ensure that your proposed site has appropriate access. In a perfect world, your premises will have a wide staff or service entrance so tradespeople will be able to install and maintain your equipment without disrupting your reception area.


3. Do you have sufficient electricity supply?

This is a big one. Running sophisticated medical equipment often comes with a heavy energy load. And boosting the electricity supply to an existing site can be a very expensive and drawn-out process. A site assessment will spare you this headache and ensure you don’t purchase or sign the lease on a building that doesn’t have a sufficient electricity supply to meet your needs.


4. Is there appropriate mobility access to the site?

If you’re setting up a medical or radiology practice, many of your patients may have mobility issues. A site assessment will review your proposed building for mobility access, and will identify any challenges involved in retrofitting access points such as ramps and lifts. It will also give you an idea of the costs involved so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.


5. Can you offer customer parking?

Plentiful customer parking can be an excellent competitive advantage for your practice – especially if many of your patients have mobility issues, are ill, or are elderly people who may struggle to walk from off-site parking to your practice. A site assessment will review the parking facilities at your proposed site, and help you better compare the properties on your shortlist.


6. Is the site zoned for your purpose?

Ensuring your site is appropriately zoned for your purpose is also vital. If the correct council zoning is not in place, you may face a hefty fine or even the possibility of being shut down. A site assessment will review the zoning of your proposed property and ensure your practice will be compliant with council regulations.


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