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Why ask for a project timeline?

30 Nov 2017 9:18 AM

It’s vital to ask from a project timeline from your contractor before you commence any construction, renovation or fitout work in your dental, medical, radiology or vet practice.


A timeline well help you plan for any mandatory shutdowns, help you track the progress of your project, ensure you understand your responsibilities, and make sure the scope of works is being carried out as agreed.


When you commission Cassins to complete a fitout, renovation or relocation project, we’ll submit a project timeline. This will outline when claims are due, when decisions are required from you and when you can expect handover to occur.

Here are the top five reasons why we suggest you should always ask for a project timeline from any contractor you choose to work with:


1. Plan for the project

A project timeline should clearly set out all the stages of construction, and, if you’re renovating an existing practice, should also note any periods that will require the practice to be shut down while major works are undertaken. This will ensure that any mandatory close down periods don’t take you by surprise at the last minute, and help you to plan for any interruptions to your business. If you’re fitting out a new practice, a timeline will give you a firm launch date that you can use in your advertising and marketing plans to ensure your new practice hits the ground running.


2. Track the project progress

If you have little construction experience, it’s tough to be able to spot when a project is not tracking to its deadline. However, a project timeline will explain when each stage of the project should be completed, so you can easily determine if the project is lagging behind schedule. This will give you the opportunity to raise any concerns you may have with your contractor during the project and give you both the chance to get it back on track.


3. Understand your responsibilities

Project timelines usually also set out your responsibilities as the client. This might include when you need to confirm decisions about finishes, and when staged payments are due. Understanding these responsibilities from the outset will ensure you are able to plan for them and that you won’t be hit with any surprise invoices. And remember, late payments may mean construction grinds to a stop, so planning for these is vital for keeping your project on track.


4. Know your costs

The project timeline will also help you keep track of the scope of works. You’ll be able to easily identify if your contractor is steering away from the agreed project deliverables, whether they have expanded the scope of works without your knowledge, or are conducting any work that is not included in the project timeline at an extra cost.


5. Ensure quality workmanship

While all quality contractors will invite you to inspect their work before signing the handover documents, a project timeline will help you understand what is involved in each stage of construction, and therefore whether any corners are being cut as the project progresses. This again gives you the opportunity to raise any concerns with your contractor at the time, rather than having to wait until the project is complete before you can identify any shoddy workmanship.


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