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World Animal Day: How you can get involved

4 Oct 2016 6:15 AM

It’s World Animal Day this October 4

That means it’s time for all animal lovers to pause and celebrate the role animals play in our lives.

What’s it all about?

World Animal Day strives to build awareness around cruelty to animals and improve animal welfare standards around the world. It is celebrated annually every October 4 with an estimated 1,000 events held throughout almost 100 countries.


What’s happening?

A wide range of events are held in various countries under the World Animal Day umbrella – from public marches and sponsored walks to shelter open days and music festivals. All animal advocates are encouraged to organise an event to celebrate World Animal Day, or check the World Animal Day website to find a scheduled event near you.


How can you get involved?

There are several ways you can get involved in World Animal Day. Make a promise on the online pledge board, organise your own event, volunteer at an event near you, or donate to the cause. You can also print and display the official World Animal Day poster in your practice, and take part in the selfie challenge.


What’s the selfie challenge?

If you don’t have the time to organise or attend an event, you can still participate in World Animal Day. Take the selfie challenge – and encourage your team to do the same. Print a World Animal Day poster, take a selfie with it, and post it on your social media accounts to help raise awareness. You can also email your selfie to info@worldanimalday.org.uk and they’ll post it on the official World Animal Day social media accounts.


How can I organise an event?

Nothing happening in your area? Organising your own World Animal Day event is easy. Simply register your event on the World Animal Day website, add it to the Global Diary of World Animal Day Events, and access a range of online resourceslike downloadable flyers, posters and logos to publicise your event.


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