Have you also thought about these items before setting up a new practice?

9 Mar 2020

There’s so much to think about when you’re in the initial stages of planning a new practice. Here’s some you might not have considered:

PRIVACY: Provide visual privacy for patients, particularly where they are unclothed in rooms and/or waiting spaces. Consider locations of privacy screens and placement of window coverings. Ensure acoustic privacy to protect the confidentiality of patient conditions/discussions and instruction regarding examinations. Discrete sub-waiting areas could be provided as necessary for patients wishing or needing to be separated.

ACOUSTICS: Ensure acoustic privacy of all consultation rooms, interview rooms, patient reception and especially in reporting areas.

NATURAL LIGHT: Although consult rooms are often windowless, attempt to provide natural light wherever possible as it contributes to a sense of well being and minimises the stress of the unknown, or a potentially uncomfortable or painful procedure.

TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY: Control of heat and humidity is critical not only in patient areas but also equipment/computer rooms. As the heat load for equipment is high, provision of individual heat sensors for each of the above areas can assist with room temperature regulation. We work with all major equipment supplies to ensure this is done to manufacturer specifications.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Despite its clearly technical nature, where possible, avoid a sterile clinical environment by judicious use of colour, furnishings and artwork. Our in-house design team will work closely with you to achieve this.

SIGNAGE: The orientation of people to and within healthcare facilities, and even safety and security issues are greatly assisted or hampered by the quality and location of signage which may be directional, used as a means of identification and/or statutory. Any signposting, or other initiatives put in place, should be considered from the perspective of out-of-hours use. Certain access points may be locked out of office hours or after visiting hours.

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