Veterinary Clinic Fitouts

An appointment at the local veterinary surgery for a pet is like an appointment with the dentist for us!

As you know, many pets dislike being in a veterinary surgery – which is made even worse if they don’t enjoy trips in the car, too. With all of the pet’s stress, on top of their owner’s worries about their sick (furry, feathered or scaly-skinned!) family member, it can result in the pet’s owner feeling a little frazzled and finding it difficult to unwind.

At Cassins, we understand.

With over 30 years of healthcare interior design experience, we know what’s most important in designing and veterinary fitout.

Why clients choose Cassins?

On Time

At Cassins we ensure all projects and services are completed on time.

On Budget

At Cassins we make sure all projects and services are completed on budget, ensuring we don’t go over.

Defect Free

At Cassins we guarantee all projects and services are defect free.

We Do All The Jobs Ourselves

At Cassins we do all jobs ourselves, from designing to manufacturing.

Cassin’s do not treat veterinary interior design the same way as medical design – it requires different considerations and custom designed rooms just for pets, including grooming, washing, boarding and exercise areas.

No matter if you’re seeking a veterinary fitout for a small veterinary practice or a large animal hospital; we have a highly experienced team that you can trust to get it done right – the first time.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and visions, so we can create an eye catching and professional veterinary fit out that you (and your cute and cuddly patients!) will absolutely love. Our veterinary designs will help get those tails wagging and owners relaxing in your beautiful new modern rooms.

Our Clients

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