Dental Clinic Fitouts

Here at Cassins, we are the specialists in custom Dental Fit Outs.

Q. What do the Cassins Team have in common with your dental surgery?

A. We both want to help create beautiful smiles on the faces of your patients.

Dental surgeries are often associated with discomfort and pain for most patients, especially young children. Before they even arrive, patients are likely to be feeling anxious and apprehensive about being in your surgery.

We know it’s important to you for your patients to be at ease and comfortable when they come in for an appointment.

A modern and thoughtfully designed dental surgery can help relieve the anxiety and stress associated with a visit to the dentist.

Cassins will work with you to create a professional dental fit out in both design and construction, with understanding and care. Our dental designs will help put smiles on the faces of your patients.

Why clients choose Cassins?

On Time

At Cassins we ensure all projects and services are completed on time.

On Budget

At Cassins we make sure all projects and services are completed on budget, ensuring we don’t go over.

Defect Free

At Cassins we guarantee all projects and services are defect free.

We Do All The Jobs Ourselves

At Cassins we do all jobs ourselves, from designing to manufacturing.

Our Clients

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