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At Cassins, you can expect friendly service, professional advice and quality workmanship.

  • Are you in the early, information seeking stages of planning your healthcare interior design, fitout or build?
  • Or are you ready to get started but aren’t sure what to do next?
  • Does your design exceed your budget? We can look at ways to work with this, including exploring the possibility of a fitout or build in stages over a period of time, or chosing finishes which look ‘premium’ but don’t cost as much.
  • We offer ranges of finishes which align to your budget:
    • Functional: a standard range of finishes – flooring, joinery and reception desk as well as all standard inclusions.You would use this option when there are strict basic budget requirements. For example, simple reception, waiting and other rooms, yet looks functional, professional and is built to last.
    • Premium: This level includes wider range of finishes for interior design elements as well as all standard inclusions.You would use this option when there is a budget for an expensive look and finishes for only certain areas. For example, sophisticated reception desk, custom waiting seating, wall décor while maintaining simpler floor and other room interiors
    • Premium Plus: incorporates the highest range of finishes available for floors, walls, benchtops and other joinery.You would use this option when you want to present your practice as having the finest and unique design and finish. This option is suggested when there is a requirement of using Corian for bench tops, on walls or reception desk.
  • Is your dream practice going to be energy efficient?
  • Will the design allow for efficient and safe work practices?

Getting the right information from the very start can save you money, time and effort. The Cassins team can help you to make well-informed decisions with our design and budget service.

Why clients choose Cassins?

On Time

At Cassins we ensure all projects and services are completed on time.

On Budget

At Cassins we make sure all projects and services are completed on budget, ensuring we don’t go over.

Defect Free

At Cassins we guarantee all projects and services are defect free.

We Do All The Jobs Ourselves

At Cassins we do all jobs ourselves, from designing to manufacturing.

Drawing on over 30 years of medical interior design expertise, we can help you with the planning of your interior design, fitout or build project. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and visions for your clinic, centre, practice or hospital – without the hardsell or sales pressure.

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Why clients choose Cassins?

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