How to create a successful practice

18 Dec 2017 6:00 AM

To make your practice a success, you’ll need to commit to a thorough planning process which begins long before you open your doors. Besides knowing what you want to achieve, you’ll also need to know exactly how you’ll get there, where you’ll find the money to make it happen, and how to find the staff to help turn your dream into reality.


Here is a simple six-step checklist to help you create a successful practice:

Step one: Create a strong business plan

All successful businesses start with a rock solid business plan. Your business plan should set out exactly what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term; assess your competition and clarify how you’ll establish a competitive advantage; and put forward a clear roadmap that specifies how you will achieve your state goals.


Step two: Seek the proper finance

Of course, you’ll need the appropriate funds to finance your practice. Consider speaking to a bank or other finance provider who specialises in industry loans for medical, dental and veterinary practices in order to obtain the best deal and to get the support you’ll need throughout the set up process and into the future.


Step three: Secure a premises

Whether it makes better financial sense to buy or rent the premises for your practice, you’ll need to do research to find the most suitable building and location. Consider things like on-site parking, disability access, and the space you’ll need to accommodate your plans, including future growth. It’s also important to be sure that the building you choose has the necessary power facilities to run your equipment. We offer a free pre-purchase/lease inspection service to ensure the property can meet your needs.


Step four: Get your fitout started

Now that you’ve secured a premises, you can get started on the interior fitout. It’s vital to select a contractor with specific expertise and experience in the medical, dental, radiology or veterinary fields, and collect at least three quotes to ensure you’re getting the best value. It’s also helpful to work with a contractor who will also project manage the fitout with your best interests in mind and so that you can spend your time on other things.


Step five: Set a marketing plan

Don’t wait until your doors are open to think about how you’ll attract patients to your practice. Instead, take the time to write a marketing plan that will detail how you will announce your new practice to the community. This could encompass everything from ads in local media, social media, to a launch event and a website which takes online bookings.


Step six: Recruit the right people

Any business is only as good as its people. While that’s a cliché, it is also very true. When recruiting staff, it’s obviously important to assess their skills and experience, but also think about whether they are a good cultural fit for your practice. You want to build a team that will buy into what you’re trying to achieve, and avoid personality clashes while you’re at it.


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