How to set clear expectations for your practice fitout

29 Dec 2017 10:13 AM

Even the best contractor can’t read your mind. That’s why it’s vital to clearly express and document all your expectations before you begin the fitout or refurbishment of your medical, dental, radiology or veterinary practice.

This will ensure you and your contractor are on the same page, help them to deliver an accurate quote that avoids cost blowouts, and guarantee you get an end product that satisfies all your needs.

Follow these simple tips to set your expectations for your practice fit out or refurbishment:

How to set clear expectations for your practice fit out

1. Set a scope of works

A scope of works identifies exactly what is involved in your practice fitout or refurbishment, and what you want to achieve. The more thorough you can make your scope of works, the better. It will give your contractor a strong foundation to provide an accurate quote, identify any potential challenges, and avoid timeline blowouts.


2. Be honest about your budget

Of course you want the best deal possible, but it’s still important to be honest with your contractor about your budget. Don’t tell them you have less money to spend than you actually do in hopes of pushing their quote down. Your contractor will simply use cheaper materials to meet your stated budget, and these materials may fall short of your quality expectations. Like everything else in this process, honesty is the best policy.


3. Agree on a timeline

How long you think your fitout will take and how long your contractor thinks your fitout will take may be two wildly different things. That’s why it’s important to agree on a timeline. However, don’t just agree on a hand-over date. Rather, ask your contractor to set out a detailed timeline with milestones specified along the way. This will ensure both you and your contractor will be able to quickly identify – and rectify – whenever the project falls off schedule.


4. Talk about materials

Have a conversation with your contractor about the materials they will use. Ask them to provide samples so you are very clear on how the finished product will look and feel. This is the time to raise any quality concerns you may have to ensure your contractor fully understands the level of quality you expect.


5. Inspect throughout the project

Choose a contractor who will allow you to inspect the fit out when each milestone is reached throughout the project. This will give you the opportunity to raise any areas that are not meeting your expectations as the project progresses, rather than waiting until the final completion.


6. Seek a workmanship guarantee

Only trust your fitout to a contractor who stands by the quality of their work with a guarantee. We are so sure of the quality of our work, we offers double the legal warranty period, with an extended 52-week warranty maintenance period.


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